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Join Top 1% Real Estate Agents With Your Own Instantly Recognizable Facebook Live & Youtube Streaming Setup

...without fumbling with technology or looking like an amateur!

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3 Payments of $299

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  • Completely customizable "done for you" streaming setup for Facebook Live & Youtube.​
  • ​A personalized video intro that is completely unique to you and your brand that will make you look like a real estate rockstar!
  • ​Fully customized streaming graphics and background so your brand looks like a professional News channel!
  • ​Access to Nick Krem's proven and repeatable virtual media processes.
  • ​Access to and instruction on software that allows simultaneous streaming on Facebook, Youtube, podcasts, etc. to get you in front of huge audiences without the pain of dealing with confusing tech.
  • ​A 1 on 1 expert consulting call with one of our virtual media advisors so that you can directly communicate your vision then sit back and watch it be created!

Here's Some More Of What You'll Be Getting:

  • Youtube Buildout
  • ​Done For You
  • ​Expert Virtual Media Advisor Consultation
  • Facebook Livestream
  • ​Customized Video Intro
  • ​Simple Podcast System
  • Simultaneous Streaming
  • ​1-2-3 Setup Form
  • ​Final Edit Review Session

If You Think You Can’t Have Incredible Content For Your Real Estate Business Then You Haven’t Discovered How Agents Are Revolutionizing Their Livestream Content Overnight

A Letter From Nick Krem,

If you were able to take your personality and create a rockstar digital brand from it...

....then you would be in the next tier of real estate agents with a brand that's instantly recognized and trusted.

Now, what if you could make your digital brand look professional and sharp, without fumbling around with the tech and making a fool of yourself...

I’m talking about streaming professional, top-grade, live streams to all of the highest content sources on the internet like Facebook, Youtube, and even your own podcast.

Without the hassle of setting up the streaming service, video editing, creating headlines, transferring data, etc.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to share the story of how I discovered this for myself.

You see, I was traveling the country and speaking at real estate events.

I was grinding so hard to bring my presence into the digital space, but the amount of work and skill to do it effectively was overbearing.

I’d seen all of the other “average” agents who spent little to no time in the digital space, and I knew that I could never be happy within that sphere of mediocrity.

Whether it was by sheer dumb luck or good old fashioned elbow grease, I stumbled across a certain process that allowed me to live stream to multiple places at once, all while having a sweet background that made me look like an ESPN commentator.

Intro videos, custom graphics, commercials, you name it.

And it was faster and smoother than ever before.

As soon as I started implementing this process, my engagement went through the roof and my first guests on the show asked me how the hell I was able to pull it off without a full video production crew.

They asked me to do it for them ...and so I did.

Then they referred more agents to me for this service.

Pretty soon I was overwhelmed by the need for this service.

So I decided to give it a name and this is how KREM CONTENT was born.

I wanted to make this opportunity available to all the agents who are trying to level up their business and make it to the top 1% in their market.

Veronica Figueroa was one of the first clients we had major success with.

She’s a very innovative and successful friend of mine, I knew that If I could set up the right system for her, she would explode in this virtual economy!

(Veronica had a previous brand and trusted us to make it bigger and better)

And guess what…

She did.

I set her up with the KREM Content livestreaming system and created a totally unique brand to match her personality ...and it took off.

She’s told me that the service we provided for her has had a “profound effect” on her business.

Now, she’s hosting virtual events and open houses as well as promoting her own online series.

The cool thing about Veronica is that while she is a wonderful and unique person...

...her success story is pretty standard with me. 

This is the kind of success that I regularly deliver to agents who trust me to create a rockstar brand for them.

Because I’m on a mission to help people just like you, I’m offering this service to you for just $795.

Just to be frank, this could easily sell for $2,995+

And in the future, it very well might creep up to that price point.

But for now, it’s only $795.

Or even 3 payments of $299 if you want to spread it out.

Anyways, virtual media is absolutely booming right now.

It’s quite literally a digital gold rush and being able to create a brand for yourself that’s effective and personable is the foundation for reaching the top 1%

If you want to be a part of that top 1% then go ahead and click the button below.

✅ Once you sign up you’ll be taken to a custom order form where you can enter specific details about your branding as well as upload the pictures, videos, colors, and logo you’d like to use.

✅ Then you’ll get a consulting call to go over your branding 1-on-1 to make sure me and my team nailed it for you.

✅ Next we’ll show you step by step how to stream your content to those high traffic sites, all at the same time and without any hassle.

✅ We'll even teach you our simple podcasting system that you can implement immediately with the push of a button.

✅ You’ll get one final edit from me and my team after that.

With everyone making buying decisions online it’d be crazy not to put yourself in front of as many people as you can. 

Making the process easy and making your brand top-notch is where I come in.

Click the button below and let’s get started.

Look at the Low-Quality Streaming that I was Breaking my Back to Create Before...

Now Compare That to the Professional Grade Streaming I Am Able to Produce With a Fraction of the Time and Effort...

Now I said earlier that I almost immediately started getting agents lining up wanting me to show them how to get the same high level livestreaming capability.

But hey, talk is cheap right... here are some of the comments from our client's Facebook live streams using the same specific streaming process you're about to get...

Wouldn’t It feel amazing to have your own audience react to your videos and your brand just like this?

To have a brand that people instantly like because of your personality and your awesome video content.

I won’t waste any of your time throwing around the hundreds of other positive comments and testimonials we’ve received from agents just like you. I just wanted to give you a taste of what it’s like to reach that next level.

Anyways click the link below if you want me and my team to make this happen for you too!

- Nick Krem
Virtual Media Advisor To Top 1% Agents

Here’s What Our Clients Have Been Saying:


  •  Sold Over 4,300 Homes
  •  Former #2 Agent in the World with Coldwell Banker
  •  Co-Founder Of The National Association Of Expert Advisors
  •  ​Client with the KREM Virtual Product Lines


  •  First time livestreamer
  • ​ Over 2,000 views on her videos!
  •  Real Estate Agent In Orlando, Florida
  •  Client with KREM Content

Can You See Why So Many Agents Just Like You Have Been Customizing Their Livestream With Nick Krem's Virtual Media Team?

Can You See Why So Many Agents Just Like You Have Been

Customizing Their Livestream With

Nick Krem's Virtual Media Team?

Checkout what Nick Krem's team has done for agents just like you...

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A letter from Nick Krem
April 2020
To ALL impacted by the recent virtual market shift:

Agents, just like you, affected by this unusual time have requested I open my
Virtual Home Selling Playbook to guide, instruct, and share my media team's exact templates and processes during these times.

I wanted to make a training workshop for you to get the help, guidance and assistance you need to make sure this set back doesn’t leave you and your family set back. 

This Virtual Home Selling Bootcamp will be to get you through this and to the other side better, faster and more confident. 

Our first call is next Thursday!

6 weeks of coaching calls, each designed to give exact strategies, to guide you so can you do more than just get by and so you and your family can expand.

In addition to exclusive, private live weekly video calls, you get immediate and unlimited Access to:

Podcasting Tactics And Strategies, Facebook Live Streaming, Youtube Live Streaming, LinkedIn Live Streaming, Video Intros And Outros, Podcasting Intros And Outros, Templates 

Become More Known Than Other Agents In Your Market
Position Yourself As An Expert Agent On Social Media
Have Your Content Seen On Every Major Platform




NEED MORE…..? Read on. 



Not to get negative, but the average person is going to get financially destroyed by this massive setback. 

The wealthy will take a hit but they will be the first back because they know how to pivot. 

 This is your opportunity to pivot and become something more. 

I will be sharing with you exact and precise specific strategies and actions I am using to ensure you’ll get through this and be bigger, better and more prosperous with a new life of abundance—regardless of the environment.

The time to take advantage of this is NOW. We start Thursday night but I want to get you some things to get started now…

So don’t miss out on this opportunity thinking that you’re just going to get through this recession by yourself.

The fact is, nobody who succeeds big ever does so by being a lone-ranger; not Bill Gates, Warren, Oprah, and Elon.

You will not make it through this alone and be better off. We ALL need a network of friends who can support us when times are tough. 

I promise you my 10X team and I are here for you. 

The only question is, are you ready?    

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